ICPN Annual Conference March 5-6, 2024

Thank you to everyone who attended our conferences in Springfield and Naperville!

Over 460 people attended presentations on trauma-informed leadership, the rights, responsibilities, and risks for people with developmental disabilities, and psychiatric medications.  Thank you to our speakers, Dr. Karen Harvey, Ph.D., Dr. Jason Buckles, Ph.D., LPCC, and Dr. Chad Kodiak, PharamaD, RPH.  We look forward to seeing everyone again in 2025!

Leadership in 2024

Karyn Harvey, PhD

Dr. Karen Harvey, Ph. D. | Opening speaker at the 2024 ICPN Conference

This workshop will highlight some of the challenges present in supporting Direct Support Professionals in the most effective way. It will explore methods of support and positive leadership approaches.

Dr. Harvey consults with various state agencies and private organizations throughout the United States and Canada and trains staff on every level, trainers and clinicians on trauma-informed care.  She has published numerous articles about therapeutic interventions for persons with ID/DD and has written two books:  Positive Identity Development (including an addendum of practical Workbooks) and Trauma-Informed Behavioral Interventions.


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Over the past 150+ years, differing perspectives on the sexuality of people with intellectual disability have played a key role in the progress, or lack thereof, within systems of support in the United States. In this session, participants will first consider how expectations of human behavior may be higher when a person has a disability. We will discuss key aspects of sexual rights, responsibilities, and risk management as they pertain to individuals and the larger system. Special attention will be paid to aspects of how we may manage a person’s sexual risk to others or themselves within a framework of human rights and dignity. Finally, we will examine a method for general discussion and planning around complex supports-based questions.

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IF WE CAN TALK ABOUT THIS, WE CAN TALK ABOUT ANYTHING: Addressing sexual rights, responsibilities, and risk, for people with intellectual disability

Jason Buckles, PhD, LPCC

Jason Buckles, PhD, LPCC | Speaker at the 2024 ICPN Conference

Psych! Psychiatric Medications 101

Chad Kodiak, RPh, PharmD 

Dr. Karen Harvey, Ph. D. | Opening speaker at the 2024 ICPN Conference

In this lively and informative presentation, Dr. Chad Kodiak starts in the beginning, all the way back to the ancient Greeks and takes us through to the updated 2024 psychiatric reference guide. Along the way he describes what psychiatric medications are, explains how they work, and evaluates the pros and cons of older versus newer meds. At the end, attendees will have not only learned something, but they also will be more confident in their ability to assess the benefits versus the risks of starting a new therapy.


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Turning Challenges into Cheer: The impact of positive language and leadership

Caitlin Dalton, BCaBA
Dina Gooch, BCBA

Leading teams that serve individuals with challenging behaviors can be a daunting and sometimes thankless task. Learn how organizational culture can promote shifts in mindset. Practice the use of positive language while digging deeper to find ways to shape and change the culture of your organization (big or small!).

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Utilizing Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) to Address Staff Trauma and Burnout

Allison Chamberlain, BCBAA

In helping professions, we often discuss trauma as it relates to those to whom we provide services, to better understand and adjust those services and how they are delivered. Trauma experienced by staff is also a significant issue that impacts ongoing staff burnout, especially in those who work with people with intellectual/developmental disabilities who engage in challenging behavior. This session will identify what staff trauma and burnout are, discuss the reasons why they occur, and how they manifest. We will also explore Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and how it can be used in response to these issues to help with the effects that trauma and burnout have on so many staff.

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